The 21 window leaves Rhode Island.
The Thing arrives in Wisconsin.
My '70 gets a much needed face-lift, 1996.
Eric's wonderful 1958 standard beetle.
This was that perfect summer day in 1995, putting the plates on the new car and going for a spin. Eric's brother now owns this cutie.
The '65 has recently gotten all new brakes,  suspension and most of the front end, newly rebuilt reduction boxes and a new horn! Electrical is still a little touch and go and the speedo SCREAMS when it is cold. It's coming along...
My '71 squareback, Clementine.
This is our '69 daily driver. We were stunned when these plates were handed to us at the DMV. Who needs vanity plates? Someone put the "HOTTIE" sticker on the spare tire cap while we were in a restaurant, and that's what we've called it ever since.
Eric and I with our "new" 1987 Syncro. After all of these years, it is really weird having heat and airconditioning, plus a tape deck. What I really love is- it's higher than a bus.
Karolyn's Bus. We recently bought this '69 from it's original owner.