In 1994, I bought my 1970 bus. It had a factory rebuilt with good even compression. Also in 1994, I drove from Rhode Island to Wisconsin with a friend of mine in this bus. I had to do most of the driving on this trip, because every time I laid down and dozed off, I awoke to a not-right sound of the engine. Good reason! My co-driver would wait until I was asleep and then drive 75-80. I kept yelling at him, but he was as thick as a brick. On the way home, #3 burned up in Connecticut. Lucky for him, he owned a tow truck. He had to go home and come back for my bus. I promptly set about reading up on engine rebuilding. My new engine was built in his livingroom, with me kicking him every step of the way.  Here it is, about to be installed in the spring of 1995. I am happy to say, my bus is still doing very nicely with this engine. The moral of this story is: no one loves your bus like you do, so choose your traveling companions wisely!