I suppose I started this project one sleepless night a long time ago. I don't recall, but I think it was the search light beacon from the electric trains we had as kids that inspired me. I crafted the first spinner out of tin foil and a coathanger afixed to a lamp. The results were far from spectacular yet enough to lead me to further experimentation.
        I started up the project again in 1993 by building a sort of  spinner projection box. It was a cube about 30" x 30" on legs standing about 5' overall. I made several colored and b/w (or black and clear) shades and began to play! I eventually developed special shades for performances I would do with the band Lovebox (It went well with their heavy handed psychedelic trancendental sound).
        Then in 1998 Mary and I were planing for a summer of  vending at VW shows. We were discussing sewing a special canopy for the bus and other sorts of flags and banners to attract attention and generally brighten up our booth. The roof top spinner was then born! It was a projection box made with metal tubing and covered with a translucent nylon skin just big enough to sit in the roof rack of the VW Bus. It was to be used in remote places so a propane lantern would replace the electric bulb. Push  came to shove and we set forth on a summer of VW shows and adventure without it (due to the lack of space onboard). However I began using it quite a bit at AS220 in The Frequency Lounge. Although it was a large piece it fit rather well in that environment. I did finally get to set it up on top of the bus for a Waterfire performance for The Purple Ivy Shadows (a Providence band). It was quite a sight!
         From that came the concept for The Garden of Moving Light. I hope to be showing The Garden in various remote locations throughout Wisconsin in the year to come. Photos will be posted accordingly!
THE GARDEN OF MOVING LIGHT                                
An Installation Artwork by Eric Goepfert & Mary Hallett
Where did it come from?
The Garden of Moving Light  installation of three units  pictured below was located in Kennedy Plaza's Burnside park on December 30, 31 from dusk till 12:00. It was a thrill to be a part of the celebration marking the turn of the millenium!

The Garden comes to Wisconsin
For First Night Providence
Photo: Providence Journal